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11/19/14 Honors: Chapter Review due Friday
Academic: None
11/24/14 Honors: Chapter 18 test on Tuesday 12/2
Academic: Relative Humidity Problems due 11/25
Word Art due 12/1
12/1/14 Honors: Ch 18 Test on Tuesday 12/2
Find a city for collecting weather data
Ch 19-1 notes due Wednesday 12/3
Academic: Word Art due Tuesday 12/2
Finish Cloud formation notes
All Classes: ESNJ due 12/5
12/2/14 Honors: Ch 19-1 notes due Wed
Academic: 16-5 vocab due Wed
All Classes: ESNJ due Friday
12/3/14 Honors: None
Academic: 16-5 notes
All classes: ESNJ due Friday
12/8/14 Honors: Ch 19-2 notes
Academic: Ch 16 3-5 Test
12/9/14 Honors: 19-3 notes
Academic: 17-1 vocab on index cards
12/16/14 Honors: Finish Topics to be covered on test paper
Ch 19 test will be Friday
Academic: Vocab quiz on Ch 17 on Friday
 12/17/14 Honors: Chapter 19 Test on Friday
Ch 19 Lab Test on Monday
Academic: Ch 17 Vocab Test on Friday
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