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1/2/14 Honors: Weather Graphs due Monday
Academic: Temperature/AP double line graph due Monday.
1/6/14 Honors Page 1 of 19-1 notes
Weather project due 1/13
Academic 16-5 review due Tuesday
Weather Project due 1/13
1/7/14  Honors: Finish 19-1 notes
Academic: 17-1 vocabulary words on index cards
All classes: Weather project due Monday
1/8/14 Honors: 19-2 notes
 All classes: Weather project due Monday
1/10/14 Honors and Academic: Weather Projects are due Monday
1/13/14 Honors: 19-3 notes
Academic: Finish 17-2 notes
1/14/15 Honors 19-4 notes
Academic: 17-2 and 3 vocab words
Quiz on ch 17 1-3 on Friday
1/27/14 Honors: Finish wind lab from Friday
Academic: Finish unit review - due Tuesday
1/28/14 Honors: Finish AP lab questions, lab test on Thursday
Academic: Unit Test tomorrow
1/29/14 Honors: Lab Test on Thursday
Complete 20-1 notes for HW
Academic: None
2/4/14 Honors: Finish 20-2 notes
Academic: Complete 4-2 notes
All Classes: ESNJ due Friday 2/14/14
2/10/14 Honors: Complete 20-3 notes
Academic: Study for quiz on 4 1-2 on Wednesday
2/18/14 Honors: Complete 20-5 notes
Academic: Students who did not complete 4-3 R and R and 4-4 notes
should complete them for HW
2/19/14 Honors: None
Chapter 20 test will be 2/26
Academic: None
2/24/14 Honors: Study for Ch 20 Test
Academic: Finish questions for Mid Atlantic Ridge Graph
2/27/14 Honors: Finish Unit Review for HW
Academic: Finish Ch 4 Review for HW
2/28/14 Honors: Study for Unit Test
Academic: Study for Chapter Test on Tuesday
3/6/14 Honors: Finish questions on Model of Earth
Academic: 6-2 vocab
3/11/14 Honors: Complete 8-3 notes
Academic: 6-3 Vocab due tomorrow
3/13/14 Honors: Ch Review due Fri, Test on Monday
 Academic: None
3/14/14 Honors: Ch 8 Test on Monday
Academic: Picture of a volcano for Monday
3/21/14 Honors: 9-1 notes due Monday
All labs for Ch 8 due Monday
Academic: 5-1 vocab due Monday
3/24/14 Honors: 9-2 notes
Academic: None
3/26/14 Honors: Ch 9 Review. All questions except the ones on extraterrestrial volcanoes.
Ch test will be 4/3
Academic: Finish Friction and Earthquake lab paper
4/2/14 Honors - Chapter 9 Test tomorrow
Academic: None, review notes on 5-2
ESNJ due Friday 4/4
4/7/12 Honors: None
Academic: Quiz on 5-2 voc and diagrams on Wednesday
4/17/14 Academic: EQ/Vol paper due 4/28
ESNJ due 5/2
We will continue on the EQ building project on Monday
Honors: EQ/Vol paper due 4/28
ESNJ due 5/2
We will continue with 10-3 on Monday
Ch 10 Test will be Thursday 4/24
4/21/14 Academic: Open note quiz on Earthquake building Tuesday
Honors: 10-4 notes due Tuesday
All Classes:
EQ/Vol report due 4/28
ESNJ due 5/2
4/22/12 Academic: Brainstorm tower design
Honors: Ch 10 Review due Thursday
Ch 10 test Friday
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