Newtown Middle School

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Earth Science Guidelines

Mrs. Erhard

Room 155

Science Fair Info will be announced soon.

Requirements for Class:
assignment book
pens and pencils
post-it notes
index cards
colored pencils
hw tracker




Daily homework may be in the form of notes, labs or a reading assignment.
If there is no written homework, review the previous days lesson.
Study for tests a little every night instead of the night before the test.


Long-Term Assignments:

During school the year, long term projects will be assigned. It is important to stay on schedule so that projects are turned in on time. Avoid waiting until the last minute-something always goes wrong! (internet down, computer problems, not able to get supplies)

Earth Science News Journal

Assigned each month from October through April

Late submissions will receive partial credit

Check ESNJ requirements for more information



Grades are based on an average of the following:

Tests and quizzes

Open note tests and quizzes


Lab reports

In class assignments

Daily homework

Grade calculation sheets will be send home on a regular basis.

Parents are asked to sign grade sheets at that time.



Following an absence every effort should be made to
obtain the missed assignments.

Homework will be posted in class and on the web.

Check hw daily in case of changes or if you are absent or miss a class during the day for music, sports or illness.

Obtain the phone numbers for a few people in the class in order to check on missed work.

Generally you will have one day to make up work for every day that is missed.

Inform teachers of any upcoming vacations so that work may be sent home prior to leaving.

Academic Integrity

Do you own work both at home and in class.

All students and parents are required to review and sign the CR Lab Safety Guidelines.
Laboratory equipment requires special handling.

Be aware of all safety precautions when setting up for a lab.

Students that are unable to comply with lab safety procedures will be invited to finish labs after school.



Last Modified on August 31, 2015