Maureen M. Welch Elementary School

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 The course content for Fourth Grade Humanities is social studies
based and focuses on these essential questions:

Þ How do physical features and locations impact where and how people?

Þ How do diverse resources, economic and industries affect the progress and growth of a region?

Þ How, when and why do people move?

Þ How do natural resources determine the development of industries in a region?

Areas of study will include:
Pennsylvania History and the Native American of this region and Regions of the US (Northeast, South, West, and Midwest) 
"I hear, and I forget. 
I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand."
- Chinese Proverb
Exploring Regions of the United States
Map Machine - National Geographic provides this excellent site that will prove to be a valuable resource for students.  There are also questions from the National Geographic GeoBee to challenge students.

Where in the USA? - Students can check their knowledge of the 50 states with this on-line quiz site.

ALFY's Picks for United States - This site has multiple map activities for students, including a few games for students to play online or to download.