Sol Feinstone Elementary School

Success for every student, every day

The district's math program has a strong and comprehensive online component. Here is how your student can access it.The website for the math program:
Log-in User name = first initial last name "sf"
Example 1 = jkinkeadsf

When students got their passwords in the younger grades, some students had their middle initial put in there too.

Example 2 = jskinkeadsf

Password = lower case first initial and last initial and student ID number
Example = pt1001234

Printing out the Practice page
1. Sign-in to the website
2. Click "Open Book"
3. You may get a Pop-up - click "continue"
4. Choose "Click here to Open Book."
5. Choose the Topic and Lesson from the menu on the left.
6. Click the paper in the yellow icon on the upper left.Note: If you have pop-up blockers on, you may have to hold down the Control Key to over-ride the pop-up.
7. Print

Watching a Movie
1. Sign-in to the Pearson website
2. Click "Explore"
3. Click on the current topic.
4. Choose the first lesson: "Introduction." It will have a 0 after the topic number.
5. Choose view