Holland Elementary School

    Useful Links for Students and Parents

Wow!  This is the greatest collection of 3rd grade math websites ever assembled.  Check out a few!  Learn something new or review what you know!
Intermediate Websites, 4-6
Dole5aDay is a great website you can use to find out about delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies.  It has some fun games, too!
Fun and challenging games from PBS!
Brain-boosting activities for kids from discovery.com!
Excellent educational mini-cartoons!  Some are free and require no subscription!
Learn while you do something nice for the world!
This is a great educational and entertaining site for students!
GO PLACES!!!  Explore some of the most fascinating places in the world without ever leaving home!  We'll use this site for our Research Projects, too!
Its actually more than just fun and games!
Make your own comics
Are you a wild thing? Build yourself!
Language Arts 
Need some help with your writing?  Try Write Ideas!
An awesome link with interactive fairy tale stories from the BBC!  Great for our current reading unit--fractured fairy tales!
Make your own acrostic poem
I Am Poem
This is another phenomenal BBC site we will use as we study plant growth and development!  Check it out!
Find out about plant parts and what they do as you grow your own online garden!  Click on "Watch It Grow."
NASA Kid's Club Homepage is packed with information on our solar system!
Instruments of Orchestra 
Sea Odyssey
Check out this HUGE collection of math websites from HES Math Specialist, Mrs. Julie Eastburn!  Review your skills or try something new!
Primary Websites, K-3
Blast aliens!  Save the world!  Learn about coordinate grids at the same time!
Practice With Money
Addition Flashcards
Multiplication Flashcards
Subtraction Flashcards
Fun Math Games
Great multiplication games
Social Studies
Here's your chance to have the Presdient's job...don't mess up!
Think you could run the country?  Find out if you have what it takes!
Interested in our nation's government?  This is the site for you! 
Keep your kids informed on current events with this oustanding site from Time For Kids!  Excellent for social studies!
50states.com is perfect for finding tons of information on any of the 50 states!
Find out what time it is right now all over the world!
Want to know what time it is in China?  Check out this cool time zone converter!
Homework Help
A great site for parents!
Check out Time for Kids Homework Helper!  This link will take you direct you to some awesome, kid-recommended, educational websites!
Try the Homework Hub for help with all things related to homework!