Richboro Middle School

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Updated: August 31, 2016 


Please join the RMS team for our annual Back-to-School Night, scheduled for Wednesday, September 7th beginning at 6:45 pm. We have made a slight modification this year and are asking you to begin the night by meeting in the gymnasium at 6:45 prior to going to your student’s homeroom.

Attached is a separate Back-to-School Night letter outlining the evening. The same letter will come home with your child in hard copy form after they complete their schedule early next week. Please bring the schedule with you for Back-to-School Night.

Please consider car-pooling as parking will be at a premium.


The CRSD Board of School Directors recently adopted several new School Board Policies. These policy changes are as follows.

New Policy Former Policy
No. 103
(Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices)
No. 103
No. 219
(Student Complaint Process)
No. 219
No. 247
No. 218.9
No. 248
No. 218.8
No. 249
No. 218.10

These new policies are reviewed annually with students and staff and can be accessed here. If you have any questions regarding these policies or if you need additional information, please contact the school principal.


Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Tanya Close as the RMS PTO President. You will have an opportunity to meet Mrs. Close during Back-to-School Night. PTO membership information will also be made available to you. Thank you for considering becoming a RMS PTO member. Questions regarding the PTO can be directed to Mrs. Close at


A link to the RMS student handbook can be found on the RMS homepage, as well as here. Please review the student handbook as all students will be asked to read the student handbook upon the start of school.


  1. Students who will be participating in seventh or eighth grade school sponsored athletics, please adhere to the following procedures to comply with the PIAA regulations for eligibility in interscholastic athletics:Students must have a pre-participation physical, performed by an Authorized Medical Examiner (licensed physician of medicine or osteopathic medicine, a physician assistantcertified or a certified registered nurse practitioner).
  2. The pre-participation physical evaluation for fall sports shall not be performed earlier than June 1. The evaluation, reevaluation or certification for all other sports shall not be performed earlier than six weeks prior to the first practice day for each applicable sport. The reevaluation or certification for all other subsequent sports should not be performed until after completion of the immediate preceding sport(s).

All paperwork necessary for participation can be downloaded directly from the RMS website.


Clinic is available for students after school every Thursday until 3:45 PM. Clinic provides an opportunity for students to receive academic assistance in a small group environment. District transportation is available for students who attend clinic. Buses depart at approximately 4:00 P.M. Please encourage your student to take advantage of clinic time.


We at Council Rock are proud of our students - their conduct, maturity, and attire. Students are urged to emphasize cleanliness, neatness, and generally acceptable good taste in their dress and grooming habits. In an effort to maintain an appropriate academic atmosphere, student attire is expected to be appropriate and in good taste for the school environment. (This information can also be found in the RMS Student Handbook.) The following types of clothing and accessories are deemed inappropriate and are not to be worn:

  • Hats, headbands, bandannas, hoods, sunglasses
  • Tight-knit tank tops with straps measuring less than 3” wide
  • Sleeveless blouses with straps measuring less than 3” wide
  • Low-cut tops
  • Clothing that shows undergarments
  • Clothing that allows midriff to show
  • Underwear or pajamas worn as outerwear
  • Leggings that are not topped by a skirt, shorts or long top
  • Skirts at a length of less than 3” from hem to knee,
  • Shorts at a length of less than 12” from waistband to hem.
  • Flip flops and slides
  • Untied shoes or sneakers
  • Outside coats worn in classrooms.
  • Clothing advertising drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products or clothing that conveys sexual or inappropriate messages.


  • September 5: Labor Day – All Schools Closed
  • September 7: Back to School Night, 6:45PM
  • September 8: CREA Meeting Room 15
  • September 9: Picture Day, Magazine Drive
  • September 11: Northampton Days
  • September 15: Northampton Township Meeting, Team Eagles Trip to Camp America
  • September 16: Team Discovery Trip to Camp America
  • September 20: PTO Meeting 9:30AM
  • September 23: Dance
  • September 29: Interim Reports, PTO BBQ