CR High School South

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Special Education Support Staff 2015-2016
The Special Education Department utilized the support of many individuals both in and out of the classroom everyday.  Thank you to the following members of our support staff for assisting student in the classroom.
Suzanne Alden
David Apflebaum
Lina Bahou
Karen Brubaker
Kathleen Byrne
Marian Chambers
Bea Coleman
Tom Crosley
Susan Crum
Mary Kate D'Emidio
James Donahue
MaryJo Donohue
Lynne Frank
Maureen Hoover
Libby Kirst
Blair Klump
Bev Lopez
Joni Lott
Loren Meredith
Marge Ruzicka
Sandy Schaefer
Nancy Starke
Deb Sullivan
Susan Tentilucci
Melissa Ventresca