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Walter Dean Myers Poems

This year's fourth graders began composing poems inspired by Walter Dean Myers' poem entitled Summer.   They crafted these on October 10, 2006.  Myers' poem appears below:



I like hot days, hot days

Sweat is what you got days

Bugs buzzin from cousin to cousin

Juices dripping

Running and ripping

Catch the one you love days


Birds peeping

Old men sleeping

Lazy days, daisies lay

Beaming and dreaming

Of hot days, hot days,

Sweat is what you got days.

                                - Walter Dean Myers

                                                                                         From Brown Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse




Here are some of our fourth graders pieces!



 Sabrina Yakubovich



 Going to class,

Putting on the costume is what you got.

Dancing days,

Dancing from morning to night,

Night to morning.

Dancing on toes and feet,

Feet and toes.

Jumping, twirling, sitting, smiling,

Having fun.



Turning on music,

Music turning on,

Listing to the beat,

Get ready for the show,

Putting on make-up.

My teacher makes up dances.

From morning to night,

Going to classes.

A template that was used to help model how to construct the poem appears below:


Pick a season, time of day, sport, activity, place, person (like mom!), vacation, time period and brainstorm first!



Come up with adjectives (describing words like colors and senses) , nouns that go with it, verbs that go with it, onomatopoeia, feelings, and more. 


Morning – sunrise, snoring, alarm clocks whining, breakfast (at Nifty Fiftys), birds, soozing, groggy, excited, eager, dreams, waking, pillow, tired


For example:

Winter:  cold, snowy, holidays, lonely, warmth inside, expectation, white, cloudy, whoosh, happy, football, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, sledding, building snow forts.

Then build a poem like Walter Dean Myers’ poem called Summer.


I ___________  ____________________, _________________


___________________ is what you got ___________________.




__________________  _____________________


__________________ and _______________________.


_______________________________ days.



________________________  _______________________


________________________ __________________________


__________________________, ________________________


____________________ and _________________________.


Of, or to, with _________________, ______________________




Let your students know that certain lines should have adjectives or present tense verbs.  Have them use the poem Summer to help guide them through composing their own.  But give them lots of latitude to experiment and choose the way they want to compose and craft.  Look at our fourth graders' different slants on how to craft.  Pretty cool stuff!



By Eric Cruz


I love soccer, love soccer

Soccer is what you do all day.

Shots from goal to goal

Sweat dripping

Running and slide tackling

Score at the end of the match


People screaming

Goalies saving shots

 Passing shooting, shooting passing

Losing and winning

I love soccer, love soccer

Soccer is what I do all day     



by Alex Stolz


 I like the sun, the shiny bright thing in the sky

The sunshine is what you got each and everyday

Shining from the dark alleys to where you stand on that very spot

Keeping hydrated from the sun’s rays even when it’s hiding through the wet puffy clouds

Tanning in the summer and tiring to find it in the winter

The sun - a wonderful thing


Running and jumping outside, it’s a drag to be held to be inside

So far away it looks like a little multi-colored ball

So bright, too bright

Shining and glaring

At the big beautiful sun

Sunshine each and every day