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NOTICE:          To Parents of Children in Grades Five and Six


Council Rock School District offers an After-School Intramural Program open to all fifth and sixth grade pupils. This program will begin in September and will be held in the elementary schools.


The purpose of the After-School Intramural Program is twofold: (1) to have pupils develop their sport skills by participating in their favorite activities, and (2) answer each pupil’s need for fun and vigorous activity.


The program of activities will vary slightly with each school due to different needs and interests.  However, a sampling of activities which are taken from our regular program of Physical Education might include: flag football, soccer, floor hockey, basketball, softball gymnastics, track and field, and volleyball.


Sneakers should be worn and a change of clothes is recommended.


Parents of all children who participate will be responsible for their transportation.


In all schools, this program will be held one afternoon per week and will begin immediately after school and last for one hour.  Parents should pick up their children immediately after this period of time.  Pick up is at 4:30 p.m.


All activities will be under the supervision of the Health and Physical Education Department and will be taught by our Physical Education and Classroom teachers throughout the district.








I agree to provide transportation for my child from school to home approximately one hour

after the close of school, one day per week so that he/she may participate in the After-School Intramural Program.


My child is covered by a health accident insurance policy in the event that he/she is injured during after school athletic events.



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Last Modified on October 6, 2006