Maureen M. Welch Elementary School

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Instructional Support
at M.M.W.

Mrs. Linda Wojton
Instructional Support Teacher

Mission Statement
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The Council Rock Elementary Support Teams are committed to fostering the educational and personal growth of our children by removing the barriers to life-long learning.  We strive to meet each child's needs through a strengths-based process that addresses social, emotional, academic, and vocational development.

Team Rationale

The Instructional Support model is a multi-dimensional process that aids in removing barriers to learning though:

  • Collaborative consultation for data collection and problem solving
  • Curriculum based assessment to find academic levels in the classroom
  • Curricular adaptations to meet individual needs
  • Various behavior management techniques to support the child, teacher and parent
  • Elementary student assistant support to identify at risk students and implement strategies

The Instructional Support Team looks at the whole child, including strengths as well as needs.  We also aim to understand how life/coping skills, life stressors, and behavior affect the child's ability to succeed in school.  We are committed to identify and celebrate each child's strengths which directly affect self-esteem and encourage the learning process.



Instructional Support Team Members:

 Reading Specialists

 School Nurse

Grade One

Grade Two
Grade Three
 Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Specialists/Special Education

 Guidance Counselor

 School Psychologist

Instructional Support Teacher

For More Information:

Mrs. Linda Wojton   phone: 215-944-1888