Hillcrest Elementary School

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April 2010                                                    COUNCIL ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT



Dear Parents/Guardians,


Recently, the Council Rock School District implemented a new student information system, eSchoolPlus+, to manage student information (scheduling, attendance, grading, etc.)  An online parent/guardian portal (Home Access Center) is a part of this system and we are pleased to be able to offer Home Access Center to you.


Initially, Home Access Center (HAC) will allow you to view your child’s:

  1. Registration information (address, phone numbers, etc.)
  2. Attendance
  3. Schedule

Additional screens will be available in the future that will expand the functionality of this system to parents and, later, to students.


On April 19, we will open this system to parents/guardians of all students in grades K – 8 with grades 9 – 12 added in August of 2010.  Please be aware that Home Access Center (HAC) will be unavailable from July 1 – September 6.  HAC will re-open on September 7.  Each parent/guardian may register for their own unique log in account.  To access this site, please go to: https://hac.crsd.org/homeaccess.  You must first register by clicking the “here” link on the page (see screen shot below) and following the registration instructions.

 Home Access Picture


 Some helpful hints to assist you in navigating this new resource.


1-      Please read the Home Access Center Privacy Statement and the Home Access Center Terms of Use.  By activating your account, you have agreed to the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Statement” as defined on the registration confirmation screen. 


2-      If for any reason you must change your password, you can achieve this by clicking on “My Profile” in the top right corner of the website. 


3-      If you would like to receive an email alert notifying you of your child’s attendance for the day, please click on the “Email Alerts” tab and check the “Receive Attendance Emails” box.  An email will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.


4-      There is a useful “Help” menu that offers detailed information.  This Help menu can be accessed from the top right corner of your page after you log in.


In addition, should you have any system problems, please email HACSupport@crsd.org.

For registration questions and updates, please email registration@crsd.org or call 215-944-1091.


We hope you find Home Access Center (HAC) to be a valuable resource that assists you in partnering with the school and supporting your child’s progress.