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  • Access My Library! iPhone! iPad!

    Posted by Bonnie Curran at 10/2/2012
    It's as simple as using the AccessMyLibrary School Edition app from Gale, a world-leading publisher of reference information. After a simple, one-time log-in using your library's password,* the mobile app will give you free, unlimited access to your school library's reputable, authoritative Gale online resources — anytime, anywhere!
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  • 43 Interesting Ways to Use QR-Code!

    Posted by Bonnie Curran at 2/7/2012
    Check out this Google Doc - it's all about using QR-Code!
    Math! Social Studies! Science! Health! English! Reading! Arts! Language!

    Are you thinking of making QR codes for your curriculum?  You can stick QR Codes on just about ANYTHING! Link a textbook to a code, stick codes on parts of a skeleton, stick codes on a worksheet that links them to a youtube video, stick a code next to a math problem…and so much more! Go to this Google Doc for awesome ideas!!!!!


    Here is a cool presentation to check out along with the tools to do it!

    [ ]

    Click the link above.
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  • New E-mail from StudyBlue

    Posted by Bonnie Curran at 1/27/2012
    Hi Y'all,
    I recently posted about a site called StudyBlue. I received this email today and wanted to share!
    Check it out!
    Ms. C.

    Welcome again to STUDYBLUE. Here are three popular ways to get started in less than four minutes:

    1.        Make a small flashcard deck: 10ish cards works great. (2 min.)

    2.        Connect your phone and get the free app. (90 sec.)

    3.        Add a folder for your class, so you'll be organized. (30 sec.)

    Sign in now.

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  • Try StudyBlue!

    Posted by Bonnie K. Curran at 1/26/2012

    Flip. Yep. Flip.

    Save Paper!

    Study Blue presents an easy and free way to create digital flashcards without using paper!
    After you create an account, you can organize your notes into flash cards and note sheets that can be virtually flipped to study your class materials.  With each set of note cards created, the study resources are saved and organized by class and teacher.  Creating the digital notes is very easy to do and the note cards may be kept private or shared to be utilized by others on the web.  You can link to other members of your class to organize study groups.

    Cards can be shuffled or made into study sheets for easy review in print as well as digital format.  Images as well as audio recordings can be added to enhance the understanding of the materials.You can join "classes" and "friends" and study together!

    Oh, and yes, you can utilize your flashcards on your smartphones.


    Digital flashcards are easy to make and excellent
    to study — online, on your phone, or printed.
    And they're absolutely free.

    Be better at school,
    starting today.

    Make online flashcards with photos and audio.
    Prep for exams with personalized practice quizzes.
    Get reminders about when (and what) to study next,
    and study on your phone with free mobile apps.
    Your Digital Backpackis here. Free.
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