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The Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth is a group of concerned community members whose mission is to mobilize and engage all sectors of our communities to work together to reduce at-risk behaviors of our youth, helping them reach their full potential in a healthy environment.

The Chancellor Center
30 North Chancellor Street
Newtown, PA  18940

The Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth (CRCHY) is a coalition of community members, businesses, law enforcement, government, schools, youth groups, and others who work together to reduce at-risk behaviors and substance abuse in our youth. CRCHY is a member of:


Bucks Promise for Youth and Communities  (county-wide)

Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (state-wide)   and

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America- (national organization).



Welcome to the first issue of the CRCHY electronic newsletter! Look for regular updates on our parent, youth, and community programs and activities. We are approaching two years in the Fall, working with parents and youth under the federal Drug Free Community Grant, and we have accomplished much in a very short time!




CRCHY Parenting Academy programs took place in various locations throughout our community. Offerings covered parenting issues from Pre-K to 12th grade, and all programs are offered free of charge. Michelle Hoerger, Sandy Friter, and Dr. Debbie Van Aken were busy with Parent to Parent, Second Step, and Botvin Life Skills Training. Both Second Step and Life Skills Training was offered this summer.  


We are always on the lookout for new locations where we can offer these programs—whether it is through a PTO, faith-based organization, Moms' Club, etc. Please pass the word along that all of our programs are"mobile" and can be held at locations other than the Chancellor Center, our "home base." For a full listing and description of all of our programs, visit If you have any questions, you can reach us at 215-944-1006.




This past school year, CRCHY  kept busy, connecting with middle and high school  students through their school’s SADD(Students Against Destructive Decisions) programs, and working to educate the public on issues surrounding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs  (ATOD).        Activities included:

  • Project Sticker Shock and Pocket Tips for Prom and Graduation, held in May around prom season. Project Sticker Shock engages youth in helping to inform adults that it is unlawful to buy or serve alcohol to those under the age of 21. The students in our community partnered with Richboro Beer & Soda Distributorship for this event. The teens placed labels on the store's beer cases which warned adults of their responsibility in not buying or serving anyone under the age of 21 years.
  •  Pocket Tips are messages, created and distributed by our teens to businesses that are visited by students around prom time---nail and tanning salons, tuxedo shops, dress shops, hair salons, etc.  The business card-sized messages are given to the prom-going teens as they leave the businesses as a reminder of the dangers of underage drinking: Think Before You Drink. Thirteen middle and high school students participated in both programs this year, and they reported that they really enjoyed participating in both of these community awareness campaigns.


  • Our "teen advocates" were also very busy this past year, speaking in front of

both the Newtown Parks and Recreation Board and the Northampton Parks and Recreation Board, in support of signage to promote smoke-free playing fields. CRCHY teens  prepared a presentation which outlined the importance of keeping our playing fields smoke-free—for health reasons, to establish adults as good role models, and to keep our natural environment free of tobacco-related trash. They did such a wonderful job that

both of these Parks and Recreation Departments approved signs to

be placed on all fields in their Townships. Designs for these signs will be submitted in the near future.


  • Three of our active teens, Lauren Foisy, Julia Cohen, and Kristen Webster attended the National Youth Leadership Track of a national conference in Washington, D.C. This conference, sponsored by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), is the premier conference for those working in the field of ATOD prevention. These students interacted with other youth from around the country, attended workshops, and additionally, had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick in his Washington office to discuss issues related to illegal drug and alcohol use by young people.


Students affiliated with CRCHY also attended a local youth conference focusing on prevention entitled Lead On!, sponsored by the Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania and  had a more recent opportunity to attend a CADCA training held in Bucks County.


  • In recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month this past April, SADD students

at Richboro Middle School created a bulletin board in their school’s cafeteria

which included facts and questions about the dangers of consuming alcohol? A contest was created where students were entered into a pool, and those with the correct answers were eligible to win prizes. Correct answers were given on morning announcements so that the whole school population benefited from information coming from several sources.

  • CRCHY attended a Health Fair at Holland Middle School where a CRCHY table was set up with ATOD material. In addition,

every student in 7th and 8th grade stopped by the table and was asked to talk about their “natural high.” CRCHY staffs were able to show every student in the school that there are other ways to feel good, other than ATOD.


Other youth projects in the past two years included Z period, an after school program at Newtown Middle School,and TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use),

an educational program where teens served as educators of younger children about the dangers of smoking tobacco products.





We are pleased to report that CRCHY participated in several TAKE BACK PRESCRIPTION DRUG DAYS—two in the Fall and one in the Spring. Police departments around Bucks County collected tons of unused and/or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications during these events, and Bucks County collected more than any other county in the state. As a result of these efforts, several

municipalities, through their police departments, have purchased Lock Boxes that can

receive these unused/expired medications at any time.

We have partnered with the police to place one in Northampton Township, and it is already well-used by community members.  Newtown Township will soon be included. Call the departments for their drop-off times.


Many of these events are coordinated with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Often these medications end up being abused by other members of a family or the prescriptions are flushed down the toilet and end up polluting our streams. One shocking statistic is worth noting: 70% of people who abuse prescription pain relievers get them from friends or relatives. Additionally, a CDC survey found that 1 in 5 high school student has abused prescription drugs!



Additionally, this past Spring we sent home, for the second year in a row,  a letter to all parents of graduating high school seniors that reminded them that: Parents Who Host, Lose the Most! This letter warned of the legal and financial consequences for parents who buy and/or serve alcohol to minors and was signed by key leaders in the community, including the Superintendent of the Council Rock School District.


Other community initiatives included a CRCHY/ATOD  information table at

Northampton Days, Newtown Welcome Day, and Senator Tomlinson’s Children’s Expo.

The organization has also coordinated Town Hall meetings, in partnership with local high schools, on various topics including underage drinking, the overscheduled family, and a frank discussion of survey results which document youth drug use in the local community.




Our Coalition is always looking for new members to join in our community efforts!


Why not ask those individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that YOU

know to come to a meeting....and we invite YOU, as well, to come out and

participate with our youth and adult members as we make important in roads

in promoting healthy choices in our youth!

CRCHY meetings are held the 4th Thursday of every month at Northampton Free Library. You can also contact us at our offices if you are interested in working with us on any of our CRCHY programs.  215-944-1006. We look forward to meeting you.