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Social Studies and Mrs. Josie Helmuth-Rowe


2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR


Welcome to our Social Studies Page:
All of your students attendance and grades for Social Studies will be updated on HAC on a daily basis.

Josie Helmuth-Rowe holds a Bachelor Degree from Philadelphia University in Business Administration, also a Masters of Education from LaSalle University. Social Studies, Art as well as Special Education are the responsibilities currently held at Sloan School.

You may find the information you are seeking on material/curriculum the students are learning through this page.  I will update the information periodically in order for you to know  the schedule the students are following as well as any upcoming projects etc..

Our Tenth Grade students will be learning about American History.  They will begin studying the period beginning with the  post World War II to the present times.  The study of the Social, Cultural, Political, and Economics of our country throughout the years will enable the students to develop an understanding and historical comprehension of our country. 

Our Eleventh Grade students will be learning about World History.  The students will study as well as gain knowledge of World History from the Renaissance-Reformation period to the present era. The students will learn and study the interrelationship of the countries and regions as well as learn their interdependence.
Intro to Psychology will cover the study oF psychology, Learning Principles and Applications, Memory and the thought process as well as a variety of topics including personality theories, stress and conflicts and motivation.
Gender Studies will focus on the way gender shapes individuals, social institutions and culture throughout history.  It places an emphasis on the relationship between the social construction of gender and the experiences of women and men throughout societies.  Students will study topics such as "male" and "female" gender expectations in the home, workplace, and government as well as how concepts of gender are reflected in a society's media, religion, interpersonal relations and individual rights.
The electives taught to our students this year are Intro to Psychology, Current Issues, Sociology, Gender Studies, Art World History, as well as Social Problems. 

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American Civilization 9: Students are currently studying the Civil War Era.  They will be graded by completing projects, testing, attendance and class participation.
American Civilization 10:- The students  are currently studying the end of World War II.  They will then begin learning about the Cold War Era.  They will complete projects that will include the economy, lifestyle, and politics.

World History:
  Students are studying a unit on the Renaissance.  Students will learn about the empires and shifts in power that occurred in Northern Europe from the 1400-1700.  They will learn how the artists and cultural influence as well as religions flourished during this time period.                                                                                              .
Art World History: The curriculum that will be covered during this class with coincide with the time frame and regions the students are studying in World History.  Learning art while learning history allows the students to learn and enjoy both courses in depth.
Intro to Psychology:  Students are introduced to the fundamental psychology concepts.  Students will explore personality, intelligence and character.  They will also learn their learning style as well as the history oF psychology.  Students are currently studying perception and the way their brains focus and accept stimulation.
Current Issues:   Students are able to analyze and compare the current views of the ISIS crisis, as well as the Ebola Virus and the Enterovirus D68 through the use of newspaper articles, magazine articles and internet research.  They have also become aware of the Nations Banking and Stock Market through the use of a current event website and debates and discussions daily.
Gender Studies:  This course will focus on the way gender shapes individuals as well as culture throughout history.  Students will learn social construction of gender and the relationships and experience between men and women.  Topics covered will include gender expectations in how, workplace and government.  They will learn how society, media, religion, interpersonal relationships and individual rights are viewed. 
Introduction to Economics:  This course will help the students understand economic concepts and theories.  They will learn about the law of Supply and Demand, banking, credit decision making , taxation, budgets, markets and economic systems.   




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