Goodnoe Elementary School

Welcome to Fifth Grade - Room A13

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 Our trial of a Cubex Trio 3D Printer has begun!  The students and teachers are excited.
Use Tinkercad to create objects that can be printed!  
Room A13 is learning about how to design!
Events in Fifth Grade - Room A13
Congratulations to our THREE Room A13 March Madness Students vs. Teachers Players! 
March Madness Players  
 Many children are participating in this exciting event.
Another great event!
Groups have been formed and practice sessions are organized.
Goodnoe Pep Rally A13

 Mrs. Molishus
Mrs. Molishus
Grade 5, Room A13
Star Discovery Educator
'04 Keystone Technology Integrator
'08 Milken Educator
'09 Holy Family U. Alumni Teacher of the Yr.

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