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Council Rock Planning Committee

To see the recommendations and an overview of the process, visit this LINK.

Below is the Student Information System summer schedule.  Please mark your calendars accordingly.


08-06; 08-07
  • eSchoolPlus, TAC, EnrollmentOnline, IEPPlus: UNAVAILABLE BOTH Days for Year End Process
  • eSchoolPlus, TAC, Enrollment Online, IEPPlus: AVAILABLE in school year 2014-2015
  • Performance Plus (including Curriculum Connector): UNAVAILABLEAll Day for Year End Rollover Process(YEP)
  • Performance Plus (including Curriculum Connector): AVAILABLEinschool year2014-201
Home Access Center (HAC)-
Reopens with Limited Availability:
  • AllStudents Demographic Update Form
  • Student Schedules ELEMENTARY ONLY
 08-18-14 Home Access Center (HAC) Limited Availability:
  • Transportation (Bus) Information Posted
  • Secondary Homerooms
  • MS Teams(Tentative)                           
 Home Access Center (HAC) FULL AVAILABLITY:
  • Secondary Student Schedules