Hillcrest Elementary School

Success for every student, every day

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Telephone Number 215-944-1609
Fax Number 215-944-1692
Stacey Gaughan, Staff Nurse sgaughan@crsd.org
Susan Tentilucci, Certified School Nurse stentilucci@crsd.org
           Covering for Julie Roccograndi this year
Don't forget:
All 3rd graders need a dental exam by the first day of third grade.
All 6th graders need a physical exam  by the first day of sixth grade.
Please notify the nurse in your child’s school in writing if you do not wish your child to receive the following oral medications if they visit the health office during the school year:
1.Tums - One or two tablets every 2-4 hours as needed for upset stomach.
2. Throat Lozenge- One lozenge as needed for cough/sore throat
3. Chloraseptic spray- As a gargle, diluted or undiluted.