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GirlSTEM @ Del Val May 18, 2017
For questions or further information please contact Andrea Mangold at amangold@crsd.org 
Much of the Holland Curiosity STEM Program is made possible through a generous grant from the Council Rock Education Foundation, as a part of their Innovative Learning Grants initiative. To learn more about the Foundation, and to see other Grants in Action across Council Rock, please visit their website at Council Rock Education Foundation to learn how you can contribute and ensure this program, and other innovative learning experiences, continue to benefit students throughout the district!  
STEM Update May 8, 2017
Last week our STEM session explored the Engineering Design Process, and students worked to design a Ping-Pong Pursuit pathway.  Our next class hopes to be just as fun and informative!
The Smithsonian Institution offers many STEM activities throughout the summer, including the one listed below.  Check out the Smithsonian website for further information!  
Free 'Making STEM Magic' Event -- 'Red Rover: Mission to Mars'
Audience: All Educators and Students
Event Date: June 24, 2017, at 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. EDT
Category: Museum Events and Exhibits, Contests and Things to Do
Join Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum for "Making STEM Magic," a new program that introduces young visitors to engineering in a fun and creative way. Each month's challenge involves designing, building and testing a prototype. In June, participants will learn about NASA's mobile laboratories and will design their own rolling rover. This free event will take place at the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia.
STEM UPDATE April 28, 2017

April 28 STEM Update 
The next Holland STEM Program session will be held May 4, 11, and 18 at 8:15AM in the gymnasium.  Please see the attached Update and Permission Slip for further information.  Due to PSSA testing and the Spring Break, we need to move our session back to May.  Also, we are combining the CURIOSITY and LITTLE LEAVES programs for a bit of fun, leadership, and teambuilding learning. 
Please let us know if you have any questions, and check this site as well as the HES Listserve for messages and updates.
Thank you!  
February 2017 Update 
It is time for students to begin preparing for the upcoming Science Fair at Holland Elementary!  Our annual Science Fair is a showcase for discovery, learning, and all the neat ways you can explore the principles and methods of the world of Science!  Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry.....you can choose any area of science that interests you and find a fun experiment to share with others!  There are many places on the internet to help you find the right experiment for you - and these sites also help you with planning, materials, setting up your poster display, and how to demonstrate your project for others!
For a start try SCIENCE BUDDIES for great ideas and a list of projects!  And if you need help, ask your classroom teacher! 
STEM UPDATE December 30, 2016
Little Leaves STEM Program for Grades 2-3 begin
Thursday, January 5 @ 8:15AM!
Little Leaves is our STEM program for students in 2nd and 3rd grades specifically designed to meet the needs of our youngest students.  Little Leaves introduces the Engineering Design Method, basic scientific and mathematic principles, and most importantly, does so in a atmosphere of FUN, CURIOSITY and INQUIRY!
For your child's safety, please do not drop your student(s) off BEFORE 8:15AM.
Little Leaves will be conducted in the school gymnasium.  Please drop off your student(s) by the main entrance, so they can report directly to the gymnasium!
Please check this site weekly for updates, links to activities, photos, and other interesting and important information so that our Little Leaves can continue the learning at home!
STEM UPDATE December 18, 2016
The second STEM session, Flight & Rocketry, ended last week; our students completed their rockets, and are awaiting a clear weather day to launch them from school.  Please be patient as we wait for a day with optimal launching conditions, as we cannot compromise safety for any reason and high winds can be hazardous in rocket launching.  
The launch date/time/location will be announced and posted as soon as a decision is made!  Thank you again for your patience and understanding! 
STEM UPDATE December 5, 2016 
 Unfortunately the skies are not cooperating, and our Astrofest must be rescheduled to a later time!  Hopefully the third time will be the charm!  If you want to look at the data to understand how visibility can be affected by temperature and cloud cover, check out the Clear Sky charts.  Here is the chart from the Buckingham observatory just a few miles from here.

clear sky

STEM UPDATE November 28, 2016
STEM  Club will not meet on Thursday, December 1.  At this time, our Flight & Rocketry Clubs are still in the process of building their rockets, and we will continue meeting starting next Thursday, 12/08 until they are completed.  Once completed, we will launch the rockets before school, right on the fields here at Holland.  We will let you know when the rocket launches are planned.
ASTROFEST is cancelled for 11/14/16
Due to thick clouds, our Astrofest event will be rescheduled for early December.  There may not be a super moon to see, but there are plenty of other celestial objects that will be worth viewing.  Check this website again soon for a new date for Astrofest!
STEM UPDATE October 31, 2016hero
Our Flight & Rocketry program began last week, and we are going to introduce Newton's 3 Laws of Motion to students tomorrow.  These are basic, yet difficult concepts for children to grasp, and our activity will hopefully illustrate the concept of force and motion.  Our goal is to help students understand the energy needed to lift a rocket (no matter the size!) into the air from the ground.  We will be making Pop Can Hero Engines, named after Hero of Alexandria, an ancient engineer who created the first steam engine. By using holes at the base of aluminum drink cans, students can observe how water from inside the cans causes the can to spin, much like the motion of a rocket during launch.  Students enjoyed experimenting with three different sized holes, which demonstrated that (like a nozzle on the end of a rocket engine), the greater force is on an object, the more energy is produced. 
STEM UPDATE October 28, 2016
This week our Flight & Rocketry session took off!  Students learned about the principles of flight, and aerodynamics.  Then. students made paper airplanes - simple demonstrations of the properties of air, wind, drag and lift at work!  Soon we will begin constructing our rockets.  Stay tuned for a launch day announcement! :
STEM UPDATE October 20, 2016
Did you know that every star has a fingerprint of light that helps us 
learn about its age, size, and composition? Spectroscopes allow us to see gases and elements in their spectral array, and to see the unique signature of color.  Absorption lines tell observers which elements are present, as well as whether or not an object is moving away.  In this photo, Elan uses his spectroscope to check out florescent light!  Also, here is  the view from inside the spectroscope - check out the rainbow of colors produced by the fluorine gas in the lamps!  The Cereal Box Spectrograph activity can be done at home - download the file and try making your own at home! 
STEM UPDATE October 18, 2016
Orbital For some of us, this never gets old....check out yesterday's Orbital ATK launch by clicking here.  
STEM UPDATE October 17, 2017
On November 14, Holland Elementary will hold its first Observe the Moon Night and Astrofest, in celebration of International Space Week! The November 14 "Supermoon" will be the closest full moon to Earth in this decade and the Moon will not be this close again until November 2034! The NASA Supermoons Video gives a bit more information on the super moons of 2016, and will encourage you to join our AstroFest 2016! Astronomers from the Bux-Mont Astronomical Association will be on hand with their professional telescopes, and we will be sharing Lunar Samples from the Apollo moon missions  - yes, the real moon rocks!  If you have a telescope, please set it up!  The event is, of course, weather permitting, but we are optimistic and excited about our first Astronomy celebration night! 
STEM UPDATE October 13, 2016
Today in STEM we explored the properties of light, the Roy G. Biv order of colors in the spectrum, and how different colors of light reveal different things; what is visible to our eyes in white light is dramatically different than what ultraviolet light, blue light, or yellow light reveals.  For more information about this activity, click here.  Understanding the many ways that light informs astronomy is fundamental to making the most of the many resources available to exploring space.  For example, the Hubble Space Telescope uses spectroscopy to determine a star's chemical composition, distance, movement and age - fascinating information that is simply not visible to the naked eye!
STEM UPDATE October 5-10, 2016 
This week in STEM, we learned more about the night sky and how to identify exactly what stars and constellations are visible from our place on Earth.   We also did a fun activity with exploring the relative distance between objects in our Solar System using (get ready....) toilet paper!
The links below will continue the learning; if you need any additional information, just let me know!  These are printables that were used in STEM class, and can be shared with the entire family. 
For an update of what's going on at NASA in October, check out the NASA knows website (click here).   
Finally, if you want to try our Toilet Paper Solar System experiment at home, CLICK HERE!
STEM UPDATE October 3, 2016
Our first STEM Club session, Astronomy, started with an amazing overview of our solar system and the use of a spectrum to understand the age, composition, and movement of stars.  We made Star Wheels, to help us to identify constellations in the night sky.  If you would like to download a copy of the Star Wheel, click here for the link.
To keep up with NASA news, missions and upcoming launches, follow What's Up at NASA.  These monthly videos are produced by NASA and provide stargazing information, interesting facts, and are just plain fun for the whole family!  
Also this week Holland Elementary was represented by students at the district-wide Greenstrides Tour event held on Thursday, September 28 at Goodnoe Elementary School.  Our STEM students proudly showcased the many activities and artifacts that comprise our program, and were happy to show our superintendent, Dr. Robert Fraser, how to make moon craters in flour!  THANK YOU to Renee Devlin, district Science Coordinator, for including Holland STEM in a fantastic event, and to Dr. Fraser for stopping by to share in our student's excitement!
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STEM UPDATE September 26, 2016
Just a reminder that our ASTRONOMY program for 4-5-6 grade STEM students begins this Thursday at 8:15AM in the STEM/Science Lab!  Our first class will be about our Solar System and the features and places that make it unique and yet so very commonplace in the universe.  As our program continues, check here for updates and links to continue the learning at home! 
Our very own Shaindel provided our first STREAM artwork - her interpretation of our solar system!  Great work, Shaindel!  What a beautiful illustration of our planetary neighborhood!   


STEM UPDATE September 19, 2016 
We hope you can join us as Holland Elementary participates in NASA"s International Observe the Moon" night, as part of the International Observe the Moon Night Celebration.  In November, Holland Elementary will receive on loan from the NASA archives lunar samples that were returned by astronauts on the Apollo missions of the 20th century.  We will have the specimens for approximately two weeks, and hope to give any member of the community the opportunity to hold these precious artifacts.  They are truly American treasures, so stay tuned for a date for our first annual Holland NASA "Observe the Moon" Night!  For more information check out IOMN at http://observethemoonnight.org/