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Spanish 4 Students in Señora Pezzicara’s classes had the privilege of meeting and speaking with a woman who fled Cuba at the onset of the Castro regime. As part of their study of Cuba and Miami, Mrs. Cristina Sullivan gave a presentation of what life what like in Cuba in the late “50’s early 60”s


And so it was on June 30, 1962, three weeks before her sixteenth birthday—the cut-off age for Operation Pedro Pan—her mother, aunt, and cousin took her to the airport. “It will be only for a year,” they said.  “You will learn English,” they said.  Agents put her into a glass enclosed room.  She could see her family—and them her, but they could no longer touch or hear one another.  The far door slid open, and with one last look and a teary farewell, she walked out onto the tarmac and into the plane.  She would never see Cuba again. It would take 10 years for her to be reunited with her mother. She would never see her father again.   Cristina Lecuona Menendez became one of The Lost Children. 


Students listened to the stories of history from someone who lived through it. As they listened, they snacked on chicharones and platanitos. Students remarked at how difficult it must have been, and were taught that people can do many things they thought they were not capable of, given a desperate situation like war. Sullivan’s message was to believe in themselves, and that anything they want to achieve is possible for them in this country.



  • Class of 2018:  The yearbook is collecting baby pictures of JUNIORS for next year’s yearbook.  Forms were sent home to all juniors which provided information on how to submit individual baby pictures for next year's yearbook. Extra forms may be picked up in Mr. Radick’s office if you did not receive one in the mail.  Baby pictures are due April 7th 2017.





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