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Southeastern PA Debate Champions

Council Rock North takes 1st in the league!


  • Congress
    • 2nd Place: Elizabeth McCullough, CRN
    • 6th Place: Becca Silver, CRN
  • Lincoln Douglas
    • 2nd Place: Finn Thompson, CRN
    • Semifinalist: David Pool, CRN
    • Semifinalist: Veda Allam, CRN
    • Quarterfinalist: Jiewei Li, CRN
    • Quarterfinalist: Jasmine Zhang, CRN
  • Public Forum
    • 1st Place: Cutler & Dugan, CRN
    • 2nd Place: Bedard & Houser, CRN
  • Policy Debate
    • Semifinalist: Conner & Kardas, CRN
  • Dramatic Performance
    • 2nd Place: Shreyaa Kassim, CRN
  • Extemp
    • 1st Place: Spencer Gordon, CRN
  • Oral Interpretation
    • 1st Place: Ananya Ramanathan, CRN
    • 2nd Place: Aakhil Kassim, CRN
    • 3rd Place: Rohan Ondkar, CRN