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CR-North Qualifies in STEM Competition

On Tuesday, 40 students from Council Rock North competed with their original STEM research projects at the Bucks County Science Research Competition. 28 students received awards, and 22 students (those receiving 1st-3rd place) qualify to compete in the Delaware Valley Science Fair Competition in April. 16 students received cash prizes of $20-$50, all winners in the 11th and 12th grades received the opportunity for a 4-year, $16,000/yr scholarship to attend Delaware Valley University. Chaitanya Nimmagadda received a Heritage Award – a full tuition scholarship to attend Delaware Valley University.

Please join us in congratulating these students!

Chaitanya Nimmagadda 1 Biochemistry Cellulase Production by Aspergillus Niger and Delaware Valley University Full Tuition Scholarship

Shakti Ramnath 1 Biochemistry How To Make An Antioxidant Rich Smoothie

Shivanand Peri 2 Biochemistry How Can Microbial Fuel Cells be Optimized?

Aalisha Jhaveri HM Biochemistry Do Grey Watered Plants Absorb the Chemicals in the Water?

Kelly Orr 1 Botany The Effect of Growth Hormones on Pea Plants

Nicole Khusid HM Botany Herbicides and Stages of Plant Growth

Vinayak Jayaprakash HM Chemistry The Mpemba Effect

Ryan Young 2 Computer Science What Computer Language is Best at Running Complex Equations?

Calvin Yu 2 Computer Science Convolutional Neural Networks and Image Classification

Ayush Shah 3 Computer Science Coding Traffic Lights

Lauren D'Amelia HM Computer Science Voice Recognition-Enabled Emergency Application

Jackson Weiler 1 Earth and Space Science Effects of Runoff Pollution on Aquatic Plants

Aparna Dev 1 Engineering The Effect of Blade Number on Energy Produced in Windmills

Charlotte Lang 1 Engineering Artificial Cartilage Derived from Bioplastic

Rajan Patel 2 Engineering Safe Ride

Kacy Liang 2 Environmental Science The Effect of Ocean Acidification on Artemia salina

Regina Salzer 2 Environmental Science Sunscreen's Effect on Bioluminescent Dinoflagellate

Piper Jones 3 Environmental Science Bioremediation Using the Mycelium of Pearl Oyster Mushrooms

Liam Safran 3 Environmental Science Cleaning Oil Spills with Magnetism

Johanna Batterton HM Environmental Science Thermal Mass: Foreign Objects Effect on Comfort Temperature in Earthship

Tom Wade 2 Mathematics On the Application of Regular Perturbation Theory to Integrating Factors ofODEs

Anna Szeto 1 Medicine and Health Short-Term Effects of Smartphone Usage on Human Vision

Shreyaa Kassim 3 Medicine and Health Transforming Vitamin Capsules Into Orally Dissolving Films

Gowtham Pichaiyan 2 Microbiology The Effect of Sand Filters on E Coli

Joseph Crooks 3 Microbiology Lipid Accumulation in Algae under a Biofuel Lens

Sharvil Misra 2 Physics Efficient Propeller Design

Sean Condon and Benjamin Melnick 1 Team Power Plants: An Investigation of the Efficiency of Polymer Solar Cells Using Various Species of Chlorophyll