Newtown Elementary School

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Come join us on February 10th as Mrs. Cook and Mr. King host a repeat performance of their CR Ed workshop.  There was an awesome crowd and terrific exchange of ideas during parent visitation!  Since this is an evening event (just before the PTO meeting), please contact either Mrs. Cook or Mr. King to let them know you will be attending so they can plan accordingly.  If they do not have enough participants the workshop will be canceled.  Hope to see you there!!!

What’s in Your Toolbox? How to Establish a No Complaining Rule with Your Children

When:  February 10, 2016 (before PTO meeting)

Location: Library       Time: 6:00-7:00 PM

Workshop Presented by: Kevin  King, Principal and Tammy Cook, Guidance

  Have you ever heard “I don’t want to ride the bus,” “I have no friends at recess,” or “I have too much homework.”?

  Come connect with parents and learn ways to help your children deal with common student complaints.  You will leave

  this active session with new tools and a positive perspective on growing independent problem solvers.