Newtown Elementary School

Kevin King

What an amazing day we had on Field Day!  During our opening ceremonies, we honored our NES military families who were able to participate in our parade.  We thank all our military families for their service! 

Courtney Calle was kind enough to come sing our National Anthem during the opening ceremonies of our 2014 Field Day!  She also wowed the crowd when she sang "Trouble" by Taylor Swift.  Thanks for coming, Courtney!

In between our morning and afternoon field day festivities, we also cheered on our friends in K-3 during our own NES Special Olympics 2014!  The kids and their helpers did a great job during the events!  They all went home with lots of medals to show for all their efforts!  

great day was had by all!  We had great weather, lots of fun, amazing team spirit and incredible sportmanship by all!  Way to go!!!


Newtown Elementary School had the honor of hosting Olympic Bronze Medalist Jamie Greubel on Wednesday, March 5th.  Jamie attended NES as a 6th grader from 1995-1996.  She was blown away by the welcome she received; posters, cards, and USA chants from over 600 students.  What a special day it was for all! 
Click here to check out her visit!

Thanks to our NES community for all your
generous donations to support our 6th
grade service project at Halloween. Our
6th graders made care packages that
were sent to the USS Harry S. Truman navy
ship that is currently out to sea. Here
are some photos they sent us
expressing their thanks. One of the sailors
 is from Philadelphia, and she loved seeing
 the packages were from near her
hometown. As always, thanks for your
 support and generosity!


"We're Going Green"
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