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Jon Agee
 Jon Agee visited classes on September 13th at MMW
Librarian:  Mrs. Ventresca,
 Library Assistant: Mrs. Allen,  

 Each week students come to the Library to hear stories and learn new skills that will help them to become lifelong, independent learners.

In addition to the Library Lesson for the week students are invited to choose book selections to be taken home.  These books are meant to be kept for one  week.  Students may opt to renew a book or two if they need additional time to finish their selections.
Book Selection at MMW
Children are encouraged to select books using the following guidelines:
Select an "I READ" book -1st through 6th grades
(one that can be read independently).
Select an "I Share" book
 (one that children can read some of the words but will need to share it with someone older to read the entire book)
Please note that kindergarten and first grade students will select one book of their choice.
Last Modified on February 21, 2017