Welcome Letter

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    Welcome to
    Mrs. Sicilia's 2nd grade class!


    Wow! Can you believe that you are now a second grader?   We are very excited to begin this new school adventure with you!  We know you are excited to get back into the classroom and we are so hopeful to be working with you in person.  We are busy learning ways to teach and still keep everyone safe and healthy. There are many things we will need your help with making the classroom a special place for you. 
        This year we will all be learning math through online games and books.  We will learn about new authors and read as writers. There will be lots of thinking and fun!

         Currently, Mrs. Suter Mrs. Rambo will be joning us in B-5 helping us with our learning.

          I am very excited to start this new school year with you! 
         I am proud to be the mother of Emme, my active 21 year old daughter, who is getting ready to return to West Chester University and Logan, my 18 year old son who recently graduated from Central Bucks South  He   I live in Chalfont with my  husband, who is a pilot, Logan, and 2 very lovable cats, Maggie and Oreo and our seven year old Vizsla, Penny!
        I am lucky to have spent most of my summer by the water. 
    We are lucky to spend a lot of our time in Ocean City, New Jersey where Penny and I love going for nightly runs on the beach ( I walk and she runs and runs). 

         When I am not at school I am very busy being a mom to my  adult children, cooking, cleaning, and getting together with friends.    When I have  free time I love yoga, reading, biking and have started paddleboarding.

         This year as a second grader, you will discover many of my favorite authors as well as learn to use books and your own experiences to build stories.  We will do experiments with solids, liquids, balance, and insects.  We will learn about maps and important people from our past.  As a B-5 family we will learn what it is to be a friend and make many new ones.


        Please know this year will start in a much more engaging way than your first grade year ended.  We will be working to make this second grade year a wonderful year!