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    Welcome parents and students to Ms. Kleppel's classroom website.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach your son or daughter for this coming school  year!

    To the parents, this site allows the opportunity for you to become more informed about your child's educational experience as they progress in class. One of the goals is to offer increased communication between the parent and teacher. 

    To the students, this site will serve as a valuable informational resource and at times, as an additional learning tool. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the website, especially the portion that is specific to your class.

    It is my intent to offer this website for the entire school year.  Please keep in mind that maintaining a website takes a lot of time and energy and periodically the site may not be up-to-date and/or accurate.  It my goal to keep these occurrences to a minimum.  Thank you!
    Important Dates
    (Please Note that these dates are subject to change the district calendar is the best place to see important date changes)


    Report Card Calendar


    1st Interim                            October 9th   

    End of 1st marking period     November 12th



    2nd Interim                            December 18th  

    End of 2nd marking period     January 29th



    3rd  Interim                              March 5th   

    End of 3rd marking period        April 4th



    4th Interim                                May 14th

    Report Cards                           Mailed               









    Council Rock School District recognizes the need for regular student assessment.  Assessment can take many forms: class work, homework, reports, projects, student writing, student performance, quizzes, teacher developed tests, department/district tests, mid-term and final exams, and standardized tests.

    Teachers will provide the opportunity to review assessments in a classroom setting. With the exception of District Assessments, students have the option of taking assessments home. In lieu of taking an assessment home, students may leave the assessment with the teacher for future use/reference.  

    District Assessments are defined as summative assessments that are collaboratively created and administered across schools. District Assessments are available for review at parent request.  These are the current District Assessments administered to students: mid-terms, finals, quarterlies/unit tests and elementary pre and post assessments. 

    At the secondary level, the Home Access Center will indicate with an asterisk those District Assessments that will not go home.