Public Comment Protocol for Board MeetingsEffective June 1, 2021

    Public comment is an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board in person. As of the June 3, 2021 Board meeting public comment will occur in person for one hour at the beginning of the meeting in a traditional format. As always, we ask that you limit your comments to no longer than three minutes. Please consider the fact that there may be young children in the audience or watching the broadcast live when speaking. It is our goal to maintain a respectful environment so that members of our community have an equal opportunity to address the Board without interruption. While the Board welcomes your ideas and will consider them in deliberating an issue, they may not respond to your comments or questions.

    For those individuals who are not comfortable sitting in the audience in advance of making public comment, we ask that you adhere to the following COVID-19 related public comment protocol. 

    Public Comment Protocol

    1. Anyone who wishes to speak, but is not comfortable sitting in the audience in advance of making public comment, must sign up, in person, at the Chancellor Center PRIOR to the start of the Board meeting. When the last registered person speaks, Public Comment will be finished for that meeting. Anyone who shows up late will have to wait until the next Board meeting.

    2. For parking, the large lot on the left-hand side of the building (if facing the building from Chancellor Street) is to be used by the public.

    3. Overview of process: The public will come to the Chancellor Center and register with security, indicating that they wish to speak during Public Comment. They will then be asked to either wait in their vehicle or stand outside the building, maintaining a safe social distance from others. When their turn is close, they will be notified to come to the door. They will then be escorted inside and put in the queue. When it is their turn to speak, they will be allowed into the Boardroom, following the designated route to the public microphone. They will be given three minutes to speak. After they have finished speaking, they will leave the building.