World Language Department

    Department Coordinator: Kerri Jasinnas Pezzicara

    IPC Secretary: Carolyn Bonner 

    Phone: 215-944-1155

    The study of world languages is designed to help students use language for meaningful purposes, to function effectively in both oral and written forms, and to maintain a degree of accuracy necessary for clear communication of ideas.  The Council Rock School District is dedicated to fulfilling the five goal areas of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning:

    1.  Communication - learning to express thoughts and ideas.

    2.  Cultures - gaining knowledge and an understanding of other cultures.

    3.  Connections - recognizing other viewpoints and connecting with other disciplines.

    4.  Comparisons - understanding the nature of languages and cultures through comparisons.

    5.  Communities - using the language beyond the school setting.

    Additionally, the Advanced Placement (AP)/College Board themes for AP Spanish, AP German and AP French Language and Culture courses are integrated throughout each level: 

       Global Challenges
       Science and Technology
       Contemporary Life
       Personal and Public Identities
       Families and Communities
       Beauty and Aesthetics

    The study of a second language will broaden a student’s cultural and intellectual horizons and foster the type of mental discipline and academic knowledge, which, as is demonstrated by research, results in higher SAT scores.  The ability to function in another language is a practical skill for life, and because of our increasingly globalized economy, one that is valued in the job market regardless of career.


    Council Rock offers the study of French, German, and Spanish in a five-year sequence and Latin in a three-year sequence. Council Rock students who have studied  four or five years of language frequently receive university credit and/or advanced placement in world languages based on their language achievement at Council Rock.  Students are encouraged to begin the study of world languages at the earliest opportunity and to commit themselves to a four or five year sequence in a language.