• English Department
       The language arts - Reading, Composing, Speaking, Listening, Viewing, and Researching - are unique in that they are processes that students use to learn in all areas and to make sense of their world.  Students do not read about reading; they read about history, science, mathematics and other content areas as well as about topics in which they have an interest in or find entertaining.  Similarly, students do not write about writing; they use the written word to express their knowledge and ideas and to inform and entertain others.


       Realizing that mastery of all these processes is crucial for a successful and fulfilling life, the English Department at Council Rock High School South commits itself to teaching, challenging, and supporting every student in realizing his or her maximum potential and acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to read, compose, listen, speak, view and research effectively and competently.


    (Based on RELA Academic Standards for Council Rock School District, April 2000)



    Department Coordinator: Scott Leventhal

    Assistant Coordinator: Lisa Picardi

    Secretary: Dianne Foley

    IPC Phone Number: (215) 944-1151



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