Welcome to Business!
    The goal of the Business, Computer and Information Technology Department is to prepare students for the dynamic world of business. Whether students plan to enter the workforce upon graduation or continue with further education, they can learn marketable work skills that improve productivity while expanding career options and earning power. 
    We offer an innovative curriculum designed around business concepts and skills that students' will need in the post secondary world. From skill-based projects, to analyzing real wolrd business case studies, students leave the Business Department with a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the buisness world. 

    Our courses are clustered around three main topics: Accounting and Finance, Management and Marketing, and Computer Applications. Our accounting and finance courses focus on how money is used by businesses and individuals. The marketing and managemrent cluster explores the knowledge and skills needed to run a business successfully. The computer applications program prepares students to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams.

    In addition to our courses, we invite all students to experience business first hand through participation in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and the Student Store.


    How to Succeed in all Business Classes:

    • READ your material
    • Hand in all assignments on time
    • Take notes to learn specific principles and concepts
    • Study notes, handouts, related assignments prior to taking tests and quizzes
    • Keep absences at a minimum
    • Be in class on time and prepared
    • Work well with others on team assignments {Be a team player!}
    • Apply yourself in this class
    • Have a Positive Attitude
    • Complete all assignments and projects
    • Be resourceful
    • Turn in your “BEST” product every time
    • Maintain good work ethic