BIENVENUE à la page de Madame KOHL        
    parents et élèves!
    Je vous invite à consulter
    ces pages pour découvrir
    le Français au Lycée de
    Council Rock South.
    parents and students
    I invite you to consult
    these pages to discover
    French at Council Rock South


    Le drapeau Français
    Bienvenue à tous et à toutes!
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    Contact Information

    Mon courriel: ekohl@crsd.org
    Téléphone: 215-944-1155
    Mon bureau: WL-IPC
    (look for the flags)
    Ma salle de classe: # 109

                                                   Parents, Students and Friends         
                                   BIENVENUE  à la page de Madame Kohl
                           The Council Rock School District believes strongly in 
    World Language study as an integral part of a comprehensive education.
     As we believe that communication is at the heart of the human experience, it is our goal to
     help students to become linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully
     in a pluralistic American society and the world at large.


    The study of another language teaches students definite study skills that have been
     strongly linked with improved scores on standardized tests. Research has shown that for
     each year one studies a foreign language, the greater the increase in Math and verbal
     SAT scores (
    The study of language promotes the appreciation of diverse cultures, new insights
     into other languages and traditions, the opportunity to participate in multi-lingual experiences
     both within and outside of the classroom. 
    The study of French has shown to be of significant benefit in college and career
     placement as students take measurable steps towards becoming lifelong learners.