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    Newtown Middle School held its second annual GIRLS' NIGHT OUT on Friday, 10/16/09 from 5:00-10:00!!  We had approximately 250 girls attend our event and we raised $3,000 for our charities!  Check out our pictures!

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    Girls Nite Out

    Today’s adolescents are exposed to risky behaviors at a much earlier age when compared to their counterparts from previous generations. Loss of family and community relationships, the media barrage, and the negative impact associated with increases in technology have taken an emotional and physical toll on adolescents, particularly young women.

    Girls need gender specific education because there are unique tasks that early adolescent girls must master in order to transition successfully to adulthood. To help ensure healthy psychological development of early adolescent girls in contemporary society, we must understand the problematic behavior by viewing the current situation as a constellation of interrelated problems and by emphasizing competencies that help adolescent girls learn the skills they need to successfully meet societal demands, reduce risk factors, and increase protective factors. By building community support among adult women and peers, it is our hope that Girls Night Out will allow girls to develop self-worth, celebrate their individualities, and envision their potential.

    Girls Night Out will empower adolescent girls to create their own self-identities and adhere to their goals and beliefs despite existing pressure. Through gender specific education, inspirational speakers, community role models, and activities aimed at bringing awareness to current issues facing adolescent girls, Girls Night Out will help young women learn how to implement goals to ensure future success, strengthen decision making skills, increase measures of self-esteem and self-efficacy, and acknowledge the consequences associated with relational aggression.
                                                             ~Ann Naragon, Ph.D.
                                                                Newtown Middle School