The Council Rock Library Media Program K-12 is committed to children and will empower them to become lifelong learners and readers.  As an advocate for the free exchange of ideas and information, the staff of the Council Rock Library Media Program will:


    • play an integral part in furthering the goals of all curriculum areas by providing instruction, services, and materials such as traditional print sources and emerging technologies.
    • promote a love for reading, learning, intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking skills.
    • assist all students in developing research skills and proficiency in locating, understanding, interpreting, analyzing, and synthesizing information.
    •  teach our students to be lifelong users of libraries and other resources to stay informed in a changing world.
    • collaborate in the development of independent learners who will be able to access, evaluate and use information with academic integrity.

    Management – Services:

    • serve the students, staff, and community at large.
    • provide a balanced collection in a supportive environment.

    Professional Development:

    • will participate in professional development opportunities related to our field and curriculum.  Revised: November 2004



    We envision the school library media center as a rich literature and information center which:

    Promotes literacy, information access, scholarship, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and a lifelong love of learning and reading
    Responds to the diverse needs of its users, ensuring equitable access to learning resources and services
    Provides rich collections locally and globally
    Uses technology as a bridge between our users and the information universe
    Anticipates educational trends, plans for change builds partnerships with faculty and students and collaborates with the educational community in teaching, learning, and research.

                                                                                                                                           January 2016




       The district library media mission statement sets forth our philosophy encompassing the instructional, management-services, and professional prongs of our program.

       It is important to remember that a school library media center is a vital and integral hub and reflects the educational philosophy and goals of the district.  Acquiring information literacy skills and a commitment to lifelong love of reading and learning are paramount. 

       The primary purpose of a library media program and its curriculum is to empower students to become effective users of ideas and information in all formats in a constantly changing learning environment. In a time of constant and rapid change, educators are faced with the challenge of preparing students for the experiences they will encounter as they proceed throughout the twenty-first century.

       Through the proficient use of skills and content learned in the library media curriculum, students will be able to:

    • Grow with the changes technology brings to their lives.
    • Actively use and enjoy literature to develop their imagination and nourish their thinking process.
    • Become socially empowered as they learn to manage media in their lives and understand the media messages which inundate them daily.

       Council Rock’s library media program does not exist in isolation.  Our library media specialists work in partnership with students, teachers, administrators, and the community to collaborate in creating a vision for academic excellence and intellectual freedom.