• Newtown Middle School

    Reading Olympics Team!!!

    The Bucks County Reading Olympics inspires kids to become lifelong readers. Since 1993, the Reading Olympics
    has been
    motivating students in Bucks County to read and discuss books. The purpose of this event is to encourage
    children to
    read more than they currently do, to read a greater variety of books, and to enjoy the excitement of
    reading and talking about books. The team format encourages students to share the challenge of reading the
    selection of books with their friends.
    The Reading Olympics competition is the culmination of the program that has teams of students reading books from
    prepared list for several months prior to the final event. Each team consists of 8 to 14 students who agree to read
    groups of 45 books appropriate for their age and reading level. The book lists are prepared the previous year
    by interested
    teachers and librarians.
    During the competition evening, all teams participate in three rounds of questioning. Teams are never eliminated.
    At the culmination of the event, all students receive a ribbon, determined by the number of points their team earned
    during the
    See Mrs. Bovino in the library or Mrs. Demskis to join!   Meetings will be held in the library or in Mrs. Demskis'
    Room #133 on 5A Days during Resource Activity Period.  If you want to join the team, but can't make the
    meetings because of other school commitments, contact Mrs. Demskis. 
    Please go to Mrs. Demskis' webpage for additional information.