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    Spanish Teacher/Student Council Advisor
    Please sign up for REMIND
    Period 1: @Crognale1 to 81010
    Period 2: @Crognale2 to 81010
    Period 3: @Crognale3 to 81010
    Period 6: @Crognale6 to81010
    Period 7:  @Crognale to 81010
    For Assignments & Worksheets please, go to Canvas
           Don't tell everyone, but...
    Spanish is hot
    Welcome to a fun year of Spanish!
    Newtown Middle School
    Clinic Availability:
    Thursday after school, but please make arrangements with me ahead of time
                         RA period on  3A & 6B days
    Quizzes are generally given each Friday;  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up work or tests
    Vocabulary Lists and songs
    Possible movies we will watch this year in class:
                                     The book of life
                          Sweet 15 
                              If you object to your son/daughter seeing any of the above movies, please complete the movie waiver
    Verbs you should know from Spanish I
    Funny Spanish Videos:  
    1st semester of Spanish Love song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngRq82c8Baw
    Fun Spanish games on line...
Last Modified on September 12, 2022