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    8th Grade Social Studies-Academic
    Trying to make history alive and fun
    Dear Team Integrity Student - Welcome to 8th grade U.S. history. We will be studying United States history from 1754 through 1876. About 20% of our work will be on current events. We often relate history to what is going on today (yes you will find that at times history does indeed repeat itself). Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes to build on our future. To be most successful you will need a 3 ring binder with 8x11 paper (a portion dedicated to social studies) - as I will be giving you a lot of handouts. You will also need a pen or pencil.  By June 2020 you will know a great deal about all the men listed below  (go to the very bottom of this page).  Have a great summer.  I'm looking forward to meeting you soon! 
    All communication with me will be on Google Classroom until further notice
    Academic Notebook #6 Monroe, Adams and Jackson
    1. Cover Sheet
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Clock
    6-1 Midterm Review Packet, (1/3 of notebook grade) 2/20 - H
    6-2 ** Jigsaw outline pages 298-305 red book, 2/20 - C/H
    6-3 Jigsaw battleship questions, 2/24 - C
    6-4 Interactive map (colored) 2/25 - C
    6-5 Map Review, 2/27 - C
    6-6 Homework packets (1/3 of notebook grade) 2/28 - H
    6-7 Lecture Notes, 3/3 - C
    6-8 News Analysis (Maddow vs. Hannity), 3/5 - C
    6-9 Test Review, 3/11 - C
    Journal Entry of 1/31 - Rease the below listed article in the Washington Times. Then answer the below listed questions:
    What would Pres Trump do?
    What would Pres Obama do?
    What would you recommend we do?


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    How big is the Executive Branch of government with over 4 million people employed?  Check out this web site:
    Bunker Hill Video from High School Students: 

    Jimmy O'Donnell, Blake Eshleman, Max Hager and Sam Page


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