• Practice for Varsity and JV players starts Monday at 5:15 pm. Freshman players and parent meeting Wednesday at 6:30 at the fields. Please follow the instructions below. 


    1- DO NOT come to training if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms.

    2- You must wear a mask-onto the field for training, off the field from training, while on bench at training and games, on bus rides to and from away games.

    3- You will be assigned a drop point for your gear bag on perimeter of JV field sideline closest to Swamp Road campus fence- always have a garbage bag to cover up during inclement weather. These drop points must remain socially distanced- we will be training after our women's team and you are to avoid social interaction with their team as they leave the facility.

    4- Must bring your own bottled water/Gatorade to last the duration of the training session.

    5- No carpooling of athletes is to occur with the exception of family members. As opposed to past years request- players should arrive at exact time called for- not too early to avoid congregating.

    Also NEVER EVER late without proper excuse.

    6- No congregating on the steps leading to fields, nor may any player enter the equipment shed.

    7- There will be no locker room or school building access at anytime.

    8- Players should remain socially distant at all “down” times- we realize that during training exercises, scrimmages and drills this is not possible with soccer. Also no handshakes, hugs, high-fives, fist-bumps or other celebratory points of contact are no-nos.

    9- Players will be issued a reversible Navy/White mesh t-shirt to be warn to every session. They MUST be washed daily. Learn to do your laundry with parents permission and help out. This is one of the maturity points we spoke of during zoom meeting. Also MUST have a pair of flats (running shoes) for every session. Injured players unable to participate will not attend practices or games to lessen exposure.

    10- Coaches only will handle training equipment. Balls and other equipment used or handled will be sanitized daily by staff/athletes. Again coaches will distribute balls, etc.

    11- Always think before any action on or off the field that could jeopardize you, your family, your teammates or the staff’s health and well being.

    12- Absolutely NO/NONE spectators allowed at training sessions. No parent is to interact with any player other than their own child at the facility please.

    13- Work hard, have fun and stay focused.



    Remember- FAMILY-SCHOOL-SOCCER in that order

    CR North Mens Soccer
    Soccer - Boys / Overview 



    The Booster Club 

    The CRN Mens Soccer Booster Club has been a major contributor to the success of the soccer program for years.  The Booster Club helps provide nutritional support for the players, administer and manage our banquet and gifts to players, and is the backbone of support for all the soocer teams here at North.  As much as the school district does for the mens soccer program, the Booster Club has been responsible for training gear and equipment, uniforms, etc. 

    The CRN Mens Soocer Booster Club is comprised of parent volunteers who are passionately dedicated to improving the athletic experience of every student-athlete.  The Booster Club has been a major contributor to the success of CRN Men's Soccer program over the past decade. The Booster Club helps support athletic and academic excellences, promotes commitment to the team, sportsmanship, character in the athletes and builds community involvement while maintaining the history and tradition of being a CRN Mens Soccer student-athletes at Council Rock North High School.



    • Support all athletic teams and individual athletes
    • Enhance school spirit through athletic events
    • Recognize outstanding accomplishments of our athletes and coaches both within and outside of athletics.
    • Supplement school funds to provide for the needs of the athletic programs
    • Provide capital improvements to enhance athletic programs


     GO NORTH!



          Varsity Coach - Joe Stackhouse
                                          email: joseph.stackhouse@yahoo.com 
                                                      cell: 267-337-0614
              Varsity Assistant Coach - Rob Flanagan
              Goalie Coach: Steve Swasey
              JV Coach - Brian Hoffman
              Freshman Coach - Conner Stackhouse



Last Modified on August 29, 2020