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    Letter from the Editor
    About the Author:

    Bobby wrote this article in 2005, when he was 10 years old.  He has known since right before going into 3rd grade that he has Asperger’s, which is on the Autism Spectrum.  After reading an article in a magazine on Autism, he decided to write some of his thoughts down for a 5th grade writing project.  Bobby is currently a middle school student in Council Rock.


    And One More Thing…

    … About Autism
    I read a magazine article that said Autism is a disease. It is not a disease at all. Autism may hide some of the greatest minds of all time. We believe Einstein and Bill Gates had Asperger’s, a kind of Autism. I wouldn’t even call it a disorder. I just call it being different.I think the only reason Autistic kids are considered dumb is because we don’t show our intelligence. I am autistic, but I know the meaning of E=MC2.  I think I know how to stop cosmic rays from stopping space travel. Another autistic kid I know understands what Einstein was trying to explain.
    Okay, sure, we have our share of problems. We cannot block our distractions. We sometimes have odd reactions to things (such as clothes hurt us) and we have trouble keeping eye contact. We don’t make friends like other people. But that is just how evolution made us.  We may not be like other people, but I am fine with that.

    After all we may be real geniuses. We also are really nice, just sometimes seem a bit strange. We have our problems but no one is perfect. I am happy with the way I am, and I thank all my teachers for their support.

    Editor in Chief
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