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    What Should I Do If I’m Bullied?

    How to deal with bullying:• Tell your parents or other trusted adults. They can

    help stop the bullying.

    • If you are bullied at school, tell your teacher,

    school counselor, or principal. Telling is

    not tattling.

    • Don’t fight back. Don’t try to bully those who

    bully you.

    • Try not to show anger or fear. Students who bully

    like to see that they can upset you.

    • Calmly tell the student to stop…or say nothing

    and then walk away.

    • Use humor, if this is easy for you to do. (For

    example, if a student makes fun of your clothing,

    laugh and say, “Yeah, I think this shirt is kind of

    funny-looking, too.”)

    • Try to avoid situations in which bullying is likely

    to happen. You might want to

    • Avoid areas of the school where there are not

    many students or teachers around.

    • Make sure you aren’t alone in the bathroom

    or locker room.

    • Sit near the front of the bus.

    • Don’t bring expensive things or lots of money

    to school.

    • Sit with a group of friends at lunch.

    • Take a different route through hallways or

    walk with friends or a teacher to your classes.