• Dear Parents,

    We currently use an online reading program with the students. It is an interactive web-based program found at www.raz-kids.com. Here are a few tips on using this program for the first time;

    Your child will need:
    Access to a home computer                                                           
    A pair of headphones with a microphone attached which will plug into the home computer.
    These can be found at the Dollar Store or 5 Below.
    (We will also need a set of headphones for school, please send them in with your child)                                                     


    First, you can find a link to www.raz-kids.comon our class web page under the “Useful Websites” tab on the left.

    Once you have traveled to the Raz Kids website, click on the “Log In” tab.  There will be a box to type your teacher’s name. Mrs. Wade and I are sharing the license for this program, and the license was purchased under my name. You or your child will need to type “RGallagher0” into the text box.

    Once signed in, you will be able to view the students assigned to this license. Click on your child’s name and symbol. You will then see various book titles and icons. Please click on the icon showing an ear to listen to the assigned book. When it is time for your child to read the book, you will plug in the headphone/microphone combination and click on the icon showing an eye. Please check our daily assignments to view which book your child should read each night. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! You can email me at rgallagher@crsd.org. Thank you for your continued support from home! Have a great week!
    Mrs .Gallagher
Last Modified on June 17, 2015