• Supplies
    A durable take home folder for daily use
    Pencil box
    Sharpened pencils
    Glue bottles/sticks
    Tennis balls (to be used on the bottom of student's chairs)
    *Headphones (can be purchased at 5 below)*
    Change of Clothes (please send in an extra pair of shoes, and 2 pairs of shirts, pants/shorts, and socks)
    Pull Ups/Diapers (if needed)
    Baby Wipes
    Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Soap
    Paper Towels
    Old T-shirt for Art projects
    *We could always use paper plates, napkins, cups, and plastic silverware for cooking activities.  Also, any other supplies that you think might be useful to the classroom, such as Arts & Crafts supplies, would be greatly appreciated*
Last Modified on June 17, 2015