Coach’s Statement and Goals

              Welcome to the 2018 Council Rock North Women’s Track season. I cannot tell you how excited we as a staff are for this upcoming season. I hope you are looking forward to training, competing, and becoming a part of the team as much as we are. Our goal for you as an athlete is to help you improve every day and enjoy your event areas, as a student to excel in the classroom, and as a person to meet new people, establishing new bonds that can last a lifetime. We will meet in different groups throughout the season to focus on these goals we have set for ourselves as a coaching staff. When we meet in groups after meets it will be short, but will hopefully help you focus on setting your own goals and how you can achieve them. We may be silly sometimes, we may be serious others, but it is all to get the best out of you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

                Last year we had a successful season. We were a seasoned team who performed well as we got farther into the season. We placed 3rd in the league, had 12 girls make district marks, and 2 girls who qualified for states. I am expecting that we will see an uptrend this year as the experience and devotion we saw last year is something to build on. We had improvements, we as a coaching staff, attributed to patience, hard work and competitive spirit. The desire that our team showed in every meet not only to compete well, but also to cheer each other on was inspiring. Our team would not be where it is if we didn’t have athletes that not only pushed themselves, but also their teammates every day. Our reputation of being one of the strongest programs in the area and the state didn’t come from overnight. Honor not only yourself, but those who came before you every time you step on the track, runway or the throwing ring. 

    Hopefully everything you will need to know about the upcoming season is in this packet, if there is anything myself or the other coaches missed please don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s set our goals high both individually and as a team, hold each other accountable and we will achieve great things.

    Coach Hoffman

    Coaches’ Contact Info

    Coach Hoffman: bhoffman@crsd.org

    Coach Abbott: jabbott@crsd.org

    Coach Mallon: kmallon@crsd.org

    Coach Monastra: pmonastra@comcast.net

Last Modified on October 11, 2017