• Practice    


    Practice will begin each day at 2:45 in the gym.  Thursdays will be reserved for clinic, therefore, practice will begin at 3:00.  Academics take priority over track, so if you need to make up tests or stay after for help on other days of the week, please do so but come to practice with a pass.  And while we encourage you to stay on top of your schoolwork and utilize clinic hours, you must arrive to practice no later than 3:15 so please take this into consideration when scheduling clinic or attending other club meetings.


    Attendance will be taken each day by your event coach.  By joining the track team, you are making a commitment to your teammates and coaches so you are expected to attend every practice.  Absences can also disrupt your training and interfere with your success. Please read through the attendance policy below and recognize that missing multiple practices or excessive unexcused latenesses may result in dismissal from the team. 


                1st Unexcused Absense:             Warning; Conversation with Event Coach

                2nd Unexcused Absenses:          Loss of Parking Permit and/or Suspension from 1 Meet

                3rd Unexcused Absences:           Dismissal from Team; Contact Home


    * Absences from school, CRN Field Trips, AP Testing, and SATs are excused absences

    * Work, social events, and practices for other sports are examples of unexcused absences.


    Make sure you get to practice on time.  Properly warming up is an important part of your training as is cooling down and stretching after each workout .  Practice will end each day by 4:45/5:00.  Please do not schedule appointments, work, or other events before this time.

Last Modified on February 27, 2014