• Meets                  


    All team members are expected to compete in each meet.  A schedule is included in this packet.  The scrimmage on March 17th will give you an opportunity to observe and participate in a typical dual meet before the start of the regular season. 


    Invitationals are held on most weekends.  Not all team members are expected to participate and many invitationals only allow a limited number of entries. 


    Athletes must take the team bus to each meet and are expected to travel home with the team as well.  If you need to go home with a parent, you must submit a written note and obtain permission from our athletic director – this must be done in advance.  You will need to provide a note to a coach as well.


    Regardless of how you plan on getting home, ALL ATHLETES MUST STAY FOR THE ENTIRE MEET.  You may not leave after completing your individual events.  Athletes are expected to support teammates in other events until the conclusion of the meet. This applies to both home and away competitions.  Home meets typically end around 5:30 so athletes will not make the CR 5pm bus – please make alternate arrangements and plan rides accordingly.


    Athletes must compete in a school issued uniform during all meets.  No jewelry is permitted.  Metal is also prohibited.  This includes bobby pins and metal in hair bands.                   


    I expect all athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship at meets.  Be hospitable to visiting teams, offer good luck or congratulations before or after races, no tantrums if you're dissatisfied with your performance... I'd also like you to remember that you are part of a team.  It is easy to lose sight of that when you consistently work with a smaller group of athletes and your individual coach.  Support your teammates in practice and during competition.  You're expected to follow the progress of the meet and cheer for your teammates, not just those in your events but in other areas as well. 

Last Modified on February 27, 2014