• Mr. Vacca


    Hillcrest Elementary

    Room A-34




    1.    Respect is extremely important to me.  Please show it to your classmates, your teachers, your parents, and everyone else that you come into contact with.  This means not talking when others are talking, not leaving the room when someone is speaking to the class, and not being a disruption throughout the day. 


    2.   Do not talk in the hallway.  Classes are going on throughout the building, even when you are switching classes.  Respect other students in the building and remain quiet for them.  You will be walking through the halls several times per day.  It is never acceptable to talk unless you are spoken to by an adult.


    3.   You have the freedom to use the restroom and water fountain when necessary.  You may sign out and take the pass quietly.  However, do not leave the room when I am instructing or talking to the whole class or when one of your classmates is speaking to the class.  Please do not make this an hourly habit.  There are several times during the day to use the facilities (lunch, snack, etc); try to take advantage of those opportunities.


    4.   Please understand when it is appropriate to talk to your friends.  You will have dozens of times to talk in class each day.  When we ask for your attention, we expect it immediately.  I should not have to ask more than once.


    5.   Each teacher is different, and each teacher has his/her own rules.  Please respect them.  Understand that what we do in this room is unlike any other room you will be in this year.  You must realize that you have to follow different rules for each teacher you have. 


    6.   You may not chew gum anywhere in this school including recess.  Don’t bring it here.  You can have snack everyday from 11:40 to 11:55.  If I give you candy for something, you can eat it anytime throughout the day as long as it is in this classroom.  Do not eat candy that we have given to you in another class.


    7.   Respect every visitor that comes into our room.  This includes everyone who is not in here right now.  Be on your best behavior and be courteous and polite to our guests. 


    8.   If you need to go to the nurse you may raise your hand to let me know at any time.  Please use your discretion.  If you have a headache and we are teaching, try to wait for me to finish.  If your illness is an emergency you may interrupt me.  If you feel nauseous you may leave immediately. 


    9.   Please keep a reading book with you at all times except special, lunch and recess.


    10.You will spend a lot of time working in groups in all subjects.  You must respect one another at all times.  Groups will change often, so please don’t ask to switch seats.  When I ask for your attention, talking ends and your eyes go to me.



    11. I have an extensive classroom library.  There are several levels of books covering many genres for your reading pleasure.  Please treat the books as if they are your own.



    We will have a great year. Please see me if you have any questions or problems throughout the school year.  I am dedicated to making this final year at Hillcrest your best and most memorable.