The course content for Third Grade Humanities (Gifted Support) is social studies based and focuses on these essential questions:
    Þ What does citizenship mean?

    Þ How do people support a community?

    Þ How does geography impact the life of a people?
    Þ How does history influence the lives of people?


    Þ What are the lessons that can be learned from current events?

    Areas of study will include:

    World Geography, Our Community and Communities Around the World.
    "It is not enough to have a good mind; 
    the main thing is to use it well."
    -Rene Descartes 
    Working with Maps
    This set of lessons from the United States Geological Survey reinforces the map skills children are introduced to in Lesson 3. Children follow along on a balloon ride to learn about the differences between visualizing objects on the ground and visualizing them from the overhead view used by most maps. Map symbols and grid lines are also introduced.
    Place that State
    50 States
    Learn about the interesting state you live in! This site offers students a plethora of information and interesting facts about each of the fifty states. This can be a resource for students as they learn more about the United States.