Second Grade Supply List – 2019-2020

    *3 marble composition books (size 9”x7” 100 pages) *only one for Mr. O’Brien’s class
    *2 large pencil boxes (no small zipper ones please)
    *1 package of sharpened colored pencils
    *1 package of 48 crayons
    *1 package of markers (optional)
    *2-4 LARGE size glue sticks
    *2 packs of sharpened pencils (we share these so no fancy ones please)
    *2-4 good erasers
    *1 pack of dry erase markers
    *art smock (please put your child’s name on the inside)
    *1 box of tissues (please send in TWO boxes if in Mr. O’Brien’s class)
    *1 roll of paper towels
    *1 tub of antibacterial wipes
    *1 box of Ziploc bags (large freezer, sandwich or snack sizes)

     ~Please note, we will provide folders for homework and subject areas.

     *Students in the Gifted Education Class (Humanities), please see Mr. D's List