Second Grade Supply List – 2022-2023

    Art Smock (please make sure your name is on it!)

    *1 pair of headphones or earbuds (Very important!)
    *2 marble (wide-ruled) composition books
    (Label one with your name only and the other one, decorate with pictures of you/your family/etc.) 
    *1 STURDY double pocket folder (Any color/design)
    *1 pack of EXPO markers (Goes in community supply pot)        
    *4-6 LARGE glue sticks (Goes in community supply pot)        
    *1 pack of sharpened pencils       
    *1 pack of colored pencils        
    *1 white board eraser or sock        
    *1 box of Ziploc bags (Any size, looking for a variety)        

    *1 large pencil box filled with:
    *1 pack of 24 crayons
    *1 pack of 8-10 markers
    *1 pair of 5” blunt scissors
    *1 pink eraser

    ***Please note***
    *We will provide a homework binder

    *All “community supply pot” items do not need to be labeled.

    *Students in the Gifted Education Class (Humanities), please see Mr. Dykty's List.