• Summer Workouts and Pre-Season

    Try-outs for the 2017 CR North Varsity and Junior-Varsity Field Hockey teams will begin on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 8:00 AM sharp in the Council Rock HS GYM followed by field play. 
    To ensure you come to tryouts in the best possible shape, to maximize your chances of making the team, and to give our team the best possible chances for success in the coming season, it is highly recommended that you follow the summer program as described below.  The summer program consists of 5 elements:
    • Required Daily runs and three times per week lifting
    • Optional (but highly recommended) Captain's Practices
    • Summer League at Wissahickon HS
    • Team Camp 
    • Council Rock North Camp
    All of these elements will lead up to the actual tryouts beginning on August 12.  The "official calendar" for this summer's program can be found under the calendar link on the web page.
    Daily runs and three times per week lifting: This calendar details the daily runs that begin on June 18 and go right to the beginning of tryouts. Yes, it will be hot this summer and everyone will have too many things to do but this is where seasons are won! This is where you, personally, decided if you want to be playing in late October at Districts and in November at States or if we just play until the regular season's over in mid-October and call it a day!  The effort you put in this summer will pay off in October and  November!  Remember:
    “The more you sweat in practice,
    the less you bleed in battle.”

    Each numbered run is designed to help you get stronger and faster.  They include interval training, endurance training, sprint training, cross training, and fitness tests.  
    Success starts with summer work-outs.  Take these seriously!  Every player will be required to keep a notebook with a log of their workouts and timed activities.  This notebook will be used throughout preseason for drills, journals, corners, etc.  I would love if you write down some of your thoughts throughout the summer months and especially at team camp! 
    Optional (but highly recommended) Captain's Workouts: These workouts will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the CR North hockey fields, track, and weight room.  They will focus on stickwork, conditioning, running, speed training, agility training, quickness training, ball-machine work, and so on.  To participate in these FREE sessions, you must have your parents sign and submit the following waiver before your first session.
    Preseason Physicals:  The file below contains the needed forms to participate in athletics in the Council Rock School District.  Hard copies of this packet are available in the athletic office or the athletic training room.
    The preseason physical should be performed by your family doctor anytime after June 1, but before the first day of tryouts.  These forms should be handed into Coach Whalin no later than the August 6th.  If an athlete shows up for the first day of practice without these forms completed fully and correctly they will not be allowed to participate in tryouts until they are correctly completed.  If you have any questions about the physical forms please contact the Athletic Trainer, Mike Horan , ATC at 215-944-1368.  If you have any questions about the rest of the packet please contact the Athletic Office at 215-944-1314. 
    We are all looking forward to a healthy, successful, and fun-filled 2013 season. 
    Go North!