• Tips from Coach Stewart for beginning your college search
    ***Remember through this whole process that coaches can't contact you until JULY 1st, so don't be discouraged when they don't contact you!
    Summer/Fall of your junior year
    1. Get someone to film your games.
    • Wear something that stands out in every game you are taped in: a wrist band, a colored bow etc. That way when the clips are edited, the coach can easily find you in each clip
    • After each game is taped, watch the film and write down a few times on the tape that you are doing something good. This way, when you go edit the tapes at the end, you don't have to view all of the game tapes again.
    2. Keep all newspaper clippings referencing you or your team.
    3. Go see college games to watch the different levels of play out there.
    Fall of your junior year
    1. Make an appointment to see your counselor.
    • Use his/her resources: get ideas about academic and athletic fits for you
    • Discuss important deadlines: SAT's and NCAA Clearinghouse
    2. Think about these important things to start narrowing down schools.
    • Distance from home. Do you want your parents to be able to come see your games?
    • City or country life? Small or big school?
    • Division I, II or III? Top 10, Top 25, or unranked? A program that is building or already a powerhouse?
    • What majors does the school offer?
    • What kind of SAT scores are they looking for?
    4. Gather your athletic and academic information.
    • Talk to me to get your individual statistics and the team's standing
    • Gather club team information and list off season activities (Futures, Keystones etc)
    • Before creating your resume, make a rough list of these items plus any awards or recognition you have received, your academic record, SAT's etc.
    • Request a written recommendation from me or a club team coach to send with your packet.
    5. Begin making contact with coaches
    • Go on www.usafieldhockey.com, click on field hockey links, then on college field hockey programs, then on either Division I,II or III.
    • Then click on any school you are interested in and the link will take you to the field hockey team's website.
    • Print out information from the website and put it in a folder you have for each school.
    • What is the coaching staff philosophy? Look at the roster and see what areas the girls on the team are from. How many seniors did they graduate? What kind of season did they have last year? Are they a powerhouse or are they building?
    • Find the link on the website that says recruiting questionnaire or prospective athlete questionnaire.
    • Fill this out to start the process. Usually they will send you a packet of information about the program.
    • Remember, they can't contact you until July 1st, so don't be discouraged. Don't allow your parents to call coaches! You do the talking! Juniors can start taking official visits this fall, but can't commit until Feb.
    6. Create a list of reach and safety schools and create a file folder for each school.
    • Keep in this folder any information you that you print out or are sent! On the front of each folder write down key facts: reach or safety, size, majors, coach's email address, SAT scores, field hockey Division etc.
    7. Make contact with any area or CR North players currently at a school you are interested in.
    • If it is a CR player, I can put you in contact with her. If it is a player from an area school, we can get her email address from her high school coach.
    • This is the best way to really learn about the program.
    8. Prepare a packet to mail out to each coach.
    • Buy nice resume paper at Staples.
    • Write a cover letter.Click here to see a sample cover letter.
    • Write a resume: include athletic and academic information
    • A short 2-5 minute video: The music, pictures and you talking in the video are not nearly as important as the actual footage of you playing. Be certain that it is easy for to identify you in the video. Have in the video a mix of skills.
    Other Hints
    1. Follow up by email or phone to each coach.
    2. Organize your college visits with your parents: set dates.
    3. Let each coach know when you will be on campus visiting and that you would like to meet him/ her.
    • Have a list of questions to ask the coach.
    • Remember, if you visit in the summer, the school won't be as hopping as it really will be in the fall.
    • See if you can watch a practice!
    4. Keep contact with the coach. Don't feel like you are being a pain. You want him/her to pull you to the top of the pile of interested players!
    5. Coaches will begin to offer official visits. You can only take 5. If a coach does not offer you one, ask if you can have an unofficial visit.
    • In the fall, schedule college visits around your field hockey games. Coaches don't like the idea of you skipping one of your games.
    • Try to go on a Friday to Saturday, so you can go to a class on Friday.
    • Ask yourself: Do I see myself here? Would I fit in with these girls?
    6. Attend the school's field hockey camp that you are most interested in.
    7. Send the coaches your fall schedule for your senior year. Update them on your winter/ spring sports careers.