• What are College Coaches Looking for in a Recruit?

    "I look for overall athleticism and speed. They should have good vision on and off the ball. I want them to be able to look up while playing, assess the field, and not always look directly at the ball. Without question, they need to hustle and have a great attitude."
    Karen Shelton
    Head Field Hockey Coach
    University of North Carolina
    USA Olympian

    "I look for recruits who have the combination of innate athletic ability (vision, speed, quickness, lateral agility, explosiveness, height/size) and high athletic/lacrosse IQ's (able to read a situation and adjust on the fly, understand spacing, see two steps ahead of the play). Actual lacrosse ability and overall skills is important (composure and decision making under pressure; left and right hand skills). I don't worry too much about having pretty skills. I want to see if a kid can get the job done effectively. More importantly, I believe it's the intangibles (competitiveness, self confidence, work ethic, intensity, a team player, love of playing the game, hate to lose attitude - whether its lacrosse, basketball, kickball, scrabble, or 4 -square..) that really make the difference between being a good player and a great player in any sport.  I've seen highly skilled kids with great athletic ability but only really hustled or worked hard when they had the ball - not a kid for me."
    Sandy Bridgeman
    Head Lacrosse Coach
    University of New Hampshire
    USA Olympian

    "I look for character most of all. What is the DNA of this teenager? Is she disciplined? Will she work hard for us? Will she fit into our team chemistry? Will she carry the team on her shoulders if needed? Will she want to get better and work on her game? Will she help promote the school in a positive way? Will she be a positive influence on and off the field? Will she lead by example? These are the qualities that separate players from the rest of the pack. There are LOTS of good players out there, but as a coach, he/she wants the player who rises above the rest with her CHARACTER. I really believe character (and yes, some talent) is what made our national team successful for the last two decades."
    Julie Foudy
    USA Soccer Olympian
    Gold Medalist
    ESPN Broadcaster