• Proper Sports Hydration Protocol


    Hydration Protocol

    From 2004 Junior Olympics

    Des Moines, Iowa


    Daily Guideline for Hydration


    Water: Essential for Life!  Essential for sport performance!

    • Water makes up approximately 70% of muscle and 55-65% of total body weight.  It also composes the main component of blood for distributing oxygen, nutrients and disposing of waste products…i.e. body heat and sweat.
    • Athletes require more fluids and fluid replacement than non-athletes.


    Maintaining Fluid Balance

    • Drink water and/or sports drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade.  Be sure to drink enough fluids daily to support daily and athletic activities.
    • Fluids are lost through sweat, expired air, and excreted urine.


    Sweating: It’s Cool to Sweat!

    • Sweat is primarily water containing essential minerals (electrolytes) such as: sodium, potassium and chloride.
    • Sweating is very important, but if an athlete does not replace fluids lost through sweating, this can lead to dehydration and heat illness.
    • Hydrate BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER physical activity!
    • This can and will improve athletic performance.  NEVER restrict proper fluid intake!


    Daily Hydration Plan:

    • The more calories you burn, the more fluids you need.
    • Average person should drink 8 cups of water per day.
    • 1 cup = 8 ounces.
    • Athletes require 12-14 cups per day.


    Exercise Guideline for Hydration


    Before Exercise:

    ·         Drink 1-2 cups (8-16oz.) of good fluid (i.e. water or sports drink) two hours prior to exercise.

    • Drink ½-1 cup (4-8oz) of good fluid every 15-20 min. before exercise.
    • Drink ½-1cup (4-8oz) of good fluid immediately prior to exercise.


    During Exercise:

    • Drink ½-1 (4-8oz) cup of fluid every 15-20 minutes during exercise.
    • Adapt drinking while you exercise to get accommodated to having fluids in your stomach while training and then while competing.  You’ll adapt.  The fuller your stomach is with fluid, the quicker it will empty and get into your body to hydrate it, therefore improving athletic performance.


    After Exercise:

    • You must replace lost fluids. 
    • Drink 2-2 ½ cups (16-20oz) for every pound lost during exercise.  If greater than 1 lb. lost as a result of activity, fluids were not replaced adequately.


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